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... since I obviously can't address it since hello, muncest ...

Maine is throwing a hissyfit to end all hissyfits and would probably be noticed/need to be restrained/sedated/knocked out/whatever.

He'd been restrained in the first place by Washington and put on fluids via IV because he was starving himself and also bullet wounds in knees, but Carolina's appearance has literally snapped him crazy-like.

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For a quick rundown of the information I have on hand, and knowing we have at least six more trials to get through, here we go:


Alan (is0latedthinker)
Arthur (Merlin)

Harvey -> (done) Cloud, Adachi, Stocking, Tavros, Alleyne
Arthas ->
Legato ->
Billy ->
Nikola ->
Tyki ->
Joshua ->

Nikola - > James
Arthas -> Arthas (start with confessional speech)
-> Hinata

Legato -> Five
-> Ino
-> Terezi

Arthas - > Allen

Zelos (other thank Billy/Nikola)
Rhyme (blood/violence/kidnappings make nervous)

Potentially Charles X
What needs to happen is setting up these trials, even concurrently, and figuring out who needs what to happen. All these folks have expressed interest in a trial, and all need to be sentenced ICly. I personally continue to espouse that these sentences be worked out OOCly beforehand, using the judgments of the characters called on ICly to make that decision. I encourage things to shift and change, not needing to stick with a jury, and perhaps even bypassing that in frustration to ordered sentences handed out after delivered testimony by those affected.

I've had the silliest swing shift schedule followed by normal work, and little time to handle how much effort these things do take, and I'm sorry for that, but this is where I turn to you guys. I can't do this alone. We don't have an endless supply of people who are interested, or who have the time, or even who care (probably), but this does need to get wrapped up.

So let's do it!

- climbing around -
Okay, everyone ... I know that Sylvia is on hiatus due to computer issues, and so some of the Patrol stuff is falling a little by the wayside. She IMed me earlier this evening and asked if I could help put together a team of volunteers to help OOCly run the Peace Patrol. Because it's got a great start, but it still needs some organization.

So ... basically, I'm going to let this post stand as an open forum for what people would like to see/do/help with for the Patrol. Currently, for ongoing things, we've got:

- Jailed characters in need of guards (a definitive list of who we've still got locked up would be nice to have)
- Code Blair
- The construction of Cerebro
- Upcoming trials for other prisoners (Do we want to keep the same format that was used for Two-Face's trial?)

Anything I'm missing?

Also, I think we need a proper floor map of the Patrol - which is something I can get on, based on the notes we already have on the Wiki. If anyone has any additions that need to be made, let me know here! I'm already working in space for Cerebro, lab space for Brennan & her Jeffersonian crew, and Ray's containment unit. Also, having a storage room for things that need to be locked down/protected, like the Iron Suits that Tony Stark left behind when he went home.

I'll put up a few subthreads for people to jump around in, but other than that, this is mostly just an open discussion forum for now, so we can see where everyone in general wants this to go. After all, before we can get organized, we've got to know what pieces and parts we have available to put into place!

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All up in ur watch comm what uuuup.

A-Anyway, Zelman promised he would say hello to Two Face down in the PP prison, so he intends to casually meander down there and do just that. He'd also probably visit Joshua while he's down there, and maybe Legato if he can find him (though his 'visit' would likely boil down to "LOL U MAD? :D"). I assume it would be nearly impossible for him to do this without anyone noticing!

So does anyone want in on this? Who's sticking around to keep an eye on these guys? Would anyone's character be around to object to Zelman's being there? He'll play nice I promise I can almost promise, but since he doesn't have the best track record, I wanted to check and see if anyone wanted to IC-ly intervene or interject at any point during his little casual chat adventure.

/blows dust off comm
(HHH) another loyal listener...
Hi, everyone! I'm guessing most, if not all, of you have seen/heard of Sakura's call-to-arms regarding the PP prisoners and a need to have things Taken Care Of For Good, etc. A lot of the Patrol reformation stuff is still being discussed, but there's one big thing that's being plotted out Right Now:


And for trials, we need a jury! Mark suggested culling a random list of people from CastleNet, and for IC purposes, that's how it's going to go down ... but that won't do OOCly, so Ishmael and I have decided to open it up for you guys to all OOCly volunteer!

We haven't set a timeframe in-game for the trial yet, so one of us will keep in contact with you - either here in the OOC/Watch comms, or via email - about when that's going down.

Currently, we are looking for five (5) jury volunteers. Reply to this post with a link to your Wiki/contact info, and the names of the character(s) you're volunteering. If you have more than one muse who would be into this sort of thing, prioritize them ... there's going to be more than one trial, and we're looking to NOT have repeat jurors, so everyone will get their chance to shine!

Also, if you've got anyone who'd be interested in being otherwise involved - prosecution, defense, judge(!!!) - give Ishmael a buzz. :D

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Hey guys, I'm officially off hiatus right now aaand since you guys got Riful into the Dead Zone outpost-area to hold her, I was just wondering how/where she's being kept :O I don't mind whatever's being done (she has a guard, left in a cell, etc). I would just like to know so I don't fudge up anything that's done when I post with her c:

Idk if it's been assumed that she's awake or still unconscious either--did anyone have a preference? If not I'd be happy to say she's been out this whole time.



wild wild west dawg

Since the main event is coming up soon and things are starting to get rolling we are now GETTING THIS VILLAIN POST UP AND GOING.

Basically this entry will be for finding out who goes after what villain and when--some villains will be available for capture pre-plot while others will be kept until the main event. So for details, info, tips & tricks and planning concerning all villains, just click the cut below!

Everyone and anyone is encouraged to participate! We'll make room for everyone :)

Take-downsCollapse )


Go ahead!

PARADISA vs TEAM TENTACLE (castle vs riful's team plot planning)
well according to this...;
Hey, guys! Prince here. On request, I'm here to help organize some things for the heroes' effort against Riful/Arthas/Legato and their team. If you or your characters want anything to do with the efforts in the coming weeks before the plot, read here!!

We'll call the enemy TEAM TENTACLE.

There are some things that we ICly have had our characters speak about organizing and putting together, but since there is no one character "shepherding" the lambs so to speak, a lot of it falls through the cracks and leaves people with the feeling that nothing is happening. But it doesn't have to be that way!

I'd love it if we had some volunteers (IC and OOC) to help the effort of getting our heroes on track. This post is to help get that effort in motion! It will also help build some CR between you guys as people begin realizing that things aren't looking so hot and need improvements. Some structure will also majorly improve how things go down when the castle is actually under attack.

A LEADER. Someone to play the "General" here. We need a take charge character who isn't afraid to be loud and give orders, preferably with an active player who will be around a decent chunk of time between now and when the plot goes off (and the days after for backtagging and clean up). Note: this can be more than one person working in tandem! But we need loud voices and commanding presences.
SOME BACKUP. Some "officers" who will back up the General(s) and headline smaller projects. (Those projects will need IC volunteers, too!) For example: getting the prison built in the Dead Zone and handling the treatment of its prisoners; people to patrol the town as well as castle and keep tabs on any unusual activity; characters who are good at information gathering to help detail and list in a public place what the strengths/weaknesses of the enemy are, strategists and recon agents, etc.
YOU. People! YOU. We need YOU to volunteer to do help patrol, build the prisons, safeguard the children, scout for suspicious activity, etc. If you think your character would be up to a task, say something! THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO.

If you will be around to post and keep up with other posts between now and the event and want your character to have a "leadership" position in the resistance against Riful, comment below at the subthread for "officers."



Quick Update:
[LK] Command
Both Arthas and Riful are going to be closer to the castle than usual for the next short while in preparation to move in on Pharos. They'll be retrieving a certain item that they lost a few months ago. This is just a quick heads up for anyone keeping track of their activity.

It's going to be a pretty quick operation, but obviously not quick enough to avoid being noticed (at least in Arthas' case). Anyone with the ability to sense undead/demons/dark magic will be able to sense Arthas in the vicinity.

I had intended for this to be longer, BUT I'M JUST KIND OF HOPING LJ WILL LET ME POST IT THIS TIME.....

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Life's weighing on your shoulders
I have been fighting off a cold this week in addition to working full-time (and ten-hour days on the phone are not fun with a sore throat), so I am even less organized than usual this time around. Case in point, this post was supposed to have gotten made days ago.

Here's what I have for a schedule/topics to discuss so far at the Peace Patrol meeting which will go up later today, so feel free to bring up anything I've forgotten:

Outline!Collapse )

I have done...absolutely nothing with the roster this past month. >>; If anyone wants to help/make suggestions with regard to that, please feel free. I meant to do a recruiting post earlier, too, but that...didn't happen, either, because procrastination sucks.


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